Independent Contractors vs Employees

When companies think about recruiting extra personnel they are often faced with a decision as to whether to take on a new employee or to bring in contractors or consultants. This article discusses some of the key issues businesses need to think about when deciding exactly how to bring in new staff.

Contractors vs Employees


  1. Hi Peppe,

    So glad that you chose to cover the Independent Contractors vs Employees especially with the impending EU directive – Agency Workers Directive due to be adopted into Ireland legal system shortly.

    I have a very limited understanding of this but in a nutshell this directive intends “to give temporary agency workers the same rights as full-time workers to pay, holiday and maternity etc”

    I would be very interested to hear your thoughts on the impact of this directive to the current situation that is outlined above.



  2. Con, thanks for your input. I think with this post I was looking to touch on some of the differences between employees and non-employees. The Agency Workers Directive deals with a similar/related issue and will be a great topic for a future post.

    Thanks again for checking in.