Debt Collection

With a focus on efficient and effective engagement, Venture Legal Services assists its clients in the proactive management of debts both domestically and internationally.

In a domestic context the firm deploys a strategic approach designed to mitigate the adverse effects of relatively antiquated judicial debt enforcement mechanisms. That approach may involve a higher-level analysis of how debts have been incurred to see if directors should share responsibility for corporate debt and typically also utilises a number of alternative means of enforcement.

Internationally, the firm benefits from the extensive network of personal connections of the principal which cover most major jurisdictions.

What is common in all cases is that the firm never loses sight of the fact that legal recourse is simply a means to an end and that if a creditor is unable (as opposed to unwilling) to pay it will usually be counterproductive to pursue that person as strenuously as might otherwise be warranted.

Representative engagements include:

  • advising an Irish corporate on the successful recovery of a debt from a Turkish business without a presence in Ireland;
  • devising alternative means to determine the amounts due from a counterparty and implementing that mechanism with a view to avoiding a drawn out and expensive legal battle;
  • debt collection actions against a number of individual and corporate creditors.