Venture Legal Services has extensive experience of corporate transactions, whether these involve the sale of company shares, business or asset transfers, joint ventures or other types of reconstructions or amalgamations.

The firm’s first priority in all transactions is to understand its clients’ specific objectives. Sometimes the most important objective is to get a transaction completed as fast as possible. On other occasions the highest priority is to mitigate risk for the seller or the buyer. Whatever the priorities, no two transactions are entirely alike. Venture Legal Services understands that and acts accordingly.

Peppe Santoro has advised clients on mergers under the Cross-border Mergers Directive (2005/56/EC), both as regards mergers where an Irish company is an active participant in the transaction and where the shares of Irish companies represent an asset affected by the merger. Since fully-fledged mergers of companies (as understood by Swiss law under the Fusionsgesetz of 2005 and by the laws of several US States (including Delaware, Massachussetts, New York and California) have only been recognised by Irish law since 2008, the law and practice in this area remains relatively new and Peppe’s experience can be invaluable for companies seeking to make use of cross-border mergers, either as part of acquisitions or reorganisations.

Some of the transactions in which Peppe has been directly involved over the past 10 years include:

  • advising the selling shareholders on the sale of Conduit, Ireland’s leading directory inquiry services provider, to InfoNXX of the USA
  • the sale of Havok, a leading Irish games technology company, to Intel
  • advising on the sale of 60% of the shares of Colliers Jackson-Stops to Colliers International
  • advising certain selling shareholders on the sale of Jolt Online Gaming to Gamestop