Transport and Aviation

Irish tourism, transport and aviation markets remain highly regulated with separate licences and authorisations required for travel agents, tour operators, bus operators, operators of passenger ships, air operators, aircraft owners and other market participants. Establishing a new business in any of these sectors will invariably require regulatory clearance before the new operation can lawfully begin trading. There have been a number of new entrants in each of these markets over recent years although the economic downturn has also seen significant numbers of existing operators in all sectors either cease operations or curtail their activities.

Relevant regulators include the Department of Transport and the Irish Aviation Authority and extensive self-help resources are available online or from relevant representative trade bodies such as the ITAA.

Peppe Santoro has experience dealing with each of these industries and representative experience includes:

  • advising on registration and de-registration of aircraft in Ireland;
  • advice on registration of new travel agents and tour operators;
  • structuring the businesses of existing operators so as facilitate compliance with applicable Irish laws and to avoid some of the more onerous legal requirements;  and
  • advising on the acquisition and leasing of marine pleasurecraft, light aircraft and helicopters.