Workplace disputes are on the increase as businesses of all sorts respond to the continuing economic downturn. Employees are often concerned to protect their position in an insecure business environment. In addition, new developments such as the increasing pervasiveness of social media and the introduction of such technologies to the workplace are creating new issues for employers and employees to contend with.

Companies that are growing often confront visa and immigration issues. Such companies also have to motivate and retain staff in sectors of the economy where demand remains higher than the available supply of talented and experienced personnel.

Venture Legal Services offer a full array of employment law services, including:

  • drafting new employment contracts
  • reviewing existing service contracts
  • preparing staff handbooks
  • managing non-performing staff members
  • advising on policies and procedures
  • assistance in unfair dismissal and constructive dismissal cases
  • representation before Rights Commissioners, the Employment Appeals Tribunal and the Courts.